Log-In to FTP Hosting

Please use the resources below to log-in to your IQ Storage FTP hosting account. For help with your FTP hosting account, contact support.

FTP Link Generator

Generate an automatic FTP log-in link here.

  • Copy and paste it into emails to give others access quickly.
  • Depending on the user's access, they can upload large files.

FTP Hosting Log-In Resources

Java-Based FTP Client

This FTP client runs from a web browser using Java technology. Note that you will need to confirm a security dialogue before continuing.

WebFTP Client

(Recommended) - 100% web browser based login. No Java or software needed.

Using Internet Explorer or Mac OS

The easiest way to connect is by using the FTP functions built into MS Internet Explorer for Windows. Mac users can connect with the MacOS Safari web browser.

FTP Control Panel

Change your password, add sub-accounts and more. Are you on a custom server? If so, click here to log in.