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IQ Storage provides no hassle, no contract, secure offsite backup

As low as $39.95 for 15GB

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  • Online backup in Canada or the USA. Choose the country where you want your data hosted.
  • Optional CDP. Continuous Data Protection lets you backup changes as soon as they occur.
  • Smart Uploads. Our software only uploads the part of a large file that changes, so backups happen quickly.
  • Open Files. Our software can backup open files.
  • MySQL, MS-SQL, Exchange, Lotus and Oracle. Our Advanced backup client supports all major databases.
  • S-OX, HIPAA & FIPPA Compatible. Our software can help you meet regulatory compliance.
  • Brick-level Exchange backups. "Brick level" backups allow you to back up specific exchange mailboxes rather than the entire database. This makes restoring easier, since you only need to restore the single mailbox. NOTE: Extra fees apply, see below.
  • Bare-metal restore and VMware add-ons. Speak to support about those extra options. Extra fees apply.
  • Price: $39/month for 15 GB
  • The above price is the same for both Lite and Advanced editions

Upgrades Breakdown:

  • Windows, Mac and Linux. Supports all major operating systems and Windows Server OSes, with an easy, brandable graphical user interface.
  • $3 per month per additional Basic Backup user (no database support)
  • $6 per month per additional Advanced Backup user (supports SQL, Exchange)

Prices per GB:

IQ Storage never charges extra fees unless you upgrade.