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How It Works
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IQ Storage is proud to offer the world's first high-speed data courier service, using a combination of human data couriers and an optical intercontinental backbone. Quickly transporting data between 2 GB and 400 GB in size is typically difficult or impossible via e-mail or traditional methods. Getting sensitive data, especially time-sensitive media, from one location to another becomes an enormous bottleneck. CDs and DVDs take too long to courier by traditional means, and delivery is not secured. Often, companies need to transport large amounts of differential backup sets from regional offices on a regular basis. There is no way to transport this critical data easily, securely and quickly. Data can be delivered within hours, allowing for same-business-day access to data over 100 GB in size.

Data Courier Hotline: 1-888-875-6238 (1-888-UPLOAD-8).

Rates vary based on location and on the size of the data. IQ Storage can transport any amount of data between 1 GB and 3 TB. For larger deliveries, you many need to speak to a service specialist.

How It Works
IQ Storage uses human couriers to personally pick up and deliver your data, and a high-speed backbone to transport your data instantly between 15 major cities worldwide. Couriers arrive to your door with all of the equipment necessary to transport your data. Your data is encrypted with your own encryption key as it is transferred onto the courier's storage device. Only you and the recipient have access to the encryption key to decrypt your data, so your data is protected en route, before being transmitted over the IQ Storage backbone. Once transported to the closest major city, another courier picks up your data in a portable storage device and delivers it, still encrypted, to its destination. At the destination, the data can be accessed using a USB connection or other standard methods for file access such as SFTP or NFS.

Our Couriers
Our couriers offer the highest level of professionalism when dealing with your data. Couriers arrive with advanced portable storage array systems and assist the customer with securely copying data onto the device. Or, they can pick up existing storage media for data transportation. Couriers are not given the encryption keys to decrypt your data and are solely  responsible for transporting your data to the closest IQ Storage optical network node and with dealing with the technical logistics of getting your data to the delivery node securely.

High-Speed Delivery is Available to:
Canadian Cities: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver
US Cities: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Seattle, San Jose, Ashburn, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, Miami
Europe: London, UK and Amsterdam.

Regular delivery is available to anywhere in North America and the EU.

For more information about IQ Storage's data couriering service, please call 1-888-UPLOAD-8.